Kainan Sa Balanghay


My cousin Gene and I wanted to hang out together so we planned to meet at SM Mall of Asia. My aunt got word so she decided to bring herself and the family along. We ate in Kainan sa Balanghay at the San Miguel Strip by the Bay. We had a feast for a budget!

What is it all about? Kainan sa Balanghay is a place where you can just bring raw meat or seafood and have them cook it for you.

The Food

What we ordered? We brought 8 kilos of pork, fish and shrimps. We had them cook Sinigang Pork, Grilled Liempo, Garlic Shrimp, Spicy Shrimp, Calamares, Adobong Pusit, Grilled Fish and Sweet & Sour Fish.

Taste: Everything was scrumptious. It was like eating at your neighbor during Fiesta time in the barrio. I just wished the Sinigang was a bit more sour and the Calamares more crispy.

Presentation: Food is served in a straight-forward manner. No frills. Out from the pan and onto the plates just like when you’re at home.

Price: We had them cook 8 kilos of ingredients. That was easily more than 10 dishes. We also ordered 3 platters of cooked rice and 3 liters of soft drinks. We only paid 2000PHP! Talk about cheap (in a good way).

The Place

The Ambience: The place is mainly for eating. Don’t expect to have a romantic date here. This is more of a barkada and family place. They have a live band playing pop and modern music.

Cleanliness: The place is okay although I saw some empty bottles of soft drinks inside their eating area. Somebody could have kept these in a storage space or something.

The Service
: OMG! We waited forever for us to eat. I suggest go there when there aren’t too many people. They’re jam packed every weekend so eaters beware!

Customer Service: The waiters are very friendly. They were all willing to help. There was even one who volunteered to take our pictures (wow. pro-active).

The Verdict 

3 STARS out of 5!

Eating decent, yummy and cheap food is within reach at the Mall of Asia. I would suggest trying this place out with your family during times when you want to pig out for no apparent reason. Just make sure you’re willing to go to the market beforehand.

Kainan sa Balanghay is located at the San Miguel Strip at the Mall of Asia in Pasay City.


Heaven and Eggs

This weekend me and the rest of the Cebu training team decided to meet up with Charisse for lunch in Glorietta. Cha recommended this place interestingly called Heaven and Eggs.

Heaven and Eggs

The Food

Salt and Pepper Pork


Rock You Like A Hurricane

US Angus Beef Tapa

Manila Spareribs

What we ordered?

Taste: I ordered the Salt and Pepper Pork Ribs. The description on the menu says it’s encrusted in a shell of salt and pepper but the shell isn’t that crusty. It’s a bit ordinary but the meat is soft and it melts in your mouth so at least there is one thing that’s good about it.

I also got a taste of the Rock You Like A Hurricane and I might say this is tasty. The beef is done medium rare. The meat is juicy and the two mini eggs on top is a cute touch.

Presentation: Food is presented intelligently. The colors of the food against the whiteness of the plates make it pop. The names of the dishes are so clever! Names like Rockstar Iced Tea, Bono’s Breakfast Banger, The Morning After and Girl’s Gone Wild.

Price: Rock You Like A Hurricane: 349PHP; Salt and Pepper Pork: 255PHP; U.S. Angus Tapa: 295PHP; Manila Spareribs: 265PHP

The Place

Black and Red Chairs

Black Couch

The Ambience:

The rock and roll feel of the place makes this a very fun place. It looks like Tommy Lee Jones’ pad. I particularly like their black, white and red theme. The black couches are so cute.

Cleanliness: The counter is a bit shabby but I guess it’s clean since it’s in Glorietta.  

The Service
The food arrived timely. Give or take it was 20 minutes.

Customer Service: The waiters were able to help us out choosing what we should order. They were pretty much knowledgeable on what’s on the menu. It’s a shame though that they lack attentiveness. Every time we need something, we had to call their attention twice or thrice. 

The Verdict 

3 STARS out of 5!

The food is a bit pricey for this Cebuano. For this price range, I had better.

 Heaven and Eggs is located at the ground floor of Glorietta 4 in Ayala Center, Makati City.

Razon’s of Guagua

Everybody who knows good comfort food knows Razon’s of Guagua. This isn’t the first time that I had a taste of their very famous Halo-Halo and it still never fails to impress. I always get a smile across my face every time.  



What I ordered? Dinuguan, rice and of course their famous Halo-Halo.

Taste: The dinuguan is tasty. It’s a bit sour than I would expect it would be but paired with rice it’s a lethal combination. The meat breaks down into pices when you hit it with a fork which really makes it melt in your mouth.

The Halo-Halo is just divine! They use shaved ice instead of crushed. This means the smoothest consistency. The milk and sugar mixes well with the ice. They blend together really well.

It’s not too sweet and it doesn’t confuse you with a lot of ingredients clashing together. Their combination of sweet beans, minatamis na saging and macapuno is just right to give it meat.

The best halo-halo in the world!

The best halo-halo in the world!

Presentation: The Halo-Halo looks bland and unsightly. It’s just white and pale brown but all of that will go out the window when you get a taste. You’ll soon understand that this icy concoction doesn’t need pretense to wow and amaze you!

 Price: The dinuguan is 85 bucks. A serving rice will cost 25PHP. The Halo-Halo is only 78PHP which I think should have cost more.

The Place


The Service
: The food was ready in 15 minutes and you don’t even have to ask for water. They give it to you right away.

Customer Service: The cashier and waiters were friendly and were always eager to help.

The Verdict 

5 STARS out of 5!

Their famous Halo-Halo is enough to get them a perfect score. That is how good it is! It’s a must-try.

Razon’s can be loacted in 22 branches all over Metro Manila. Try the one in Glorietta 1 in Makatio City or in the Food Court of Robinson’s Galleria in Ortigas!

Earle’s Delicatessen

Finally, I was able to try a sandwich from Earles’s Deli! Being assigned here in Makati City for a month and half has its perks and one of those is trying out restos and shops you can’t find in Cebu. One of them is Earle’s Deli. They specialize in hams, sausages, cheeses and a lot of cured meats.   

The Food

Roast Beef Sandwich in Wheat Bread

Ham Heaven

What I ordered?

Roast Beef Sandwich and Maple Iced Tea.

Taste: The sandwich is very hearty. They definitely didn’t skimp on ingredients. Every bite is generous in beef, cucumbers, tomatoes and cheese. I appreciate the Aoli dressing and amount of pepper they put in my sandwich. Very, very tasty. You can choose your sandwich in wheat bread or French bread.

Presentation: Very straight forward. The sandwich is served in a red plastic basket lined with parchment.

Price: I paid 137PHP for the sandwich and 18PHP for the drink. They have sandwiches for as low as 66PHP. Sausages run for less than 50 bucks! You can also buy their meats and cheeses per 100 grams to take home.

The Place

Earle's Deli

The ambience: This is not a place for fine dining. It is what you would expect of a deli. Some chairs and tables. That’s it! You go here for the food not the ambiance.

Cleanliness: Very clean.  

The Service
Food was served in less than 10 minutes. That was a plus since I took my lunch at already 3pm in the afternoon.

Customer Service: The lady in the counter was smiles. Need I say more?

The Verdict 

4 STARS out of 5!

This is a nice alternative to the usual burger and fastfood.

Earle’s Deli is located at Legaspi Street in the Business district of Makati. It’s near Greenbelt 1.

Big Buddha

It was our first day of our training in Makati. Jessica and I decided to look for food after some well-deserved rest. We tried to check what we can find at Greenbelt 5. We stumbled upon a Big Buddha!

What is it all about? Big Buddha is a Chinese restaurant.

The Food

What I ordered? Golden Shanghai Chicken.

Taste: The chicken was hot when they served it which was nice. The sweet and sour sauce is yummy although it tends to be very stick after it has cooled.

Presentation: Food is basically served on white plates. Nothing fancy but the colors of the food pop.

Price: The Golden Shanghai Chicken is 228PHP but can be shared by 2-3 people. Plain rice is at 20PHP per serving.

The Place

The Ambience: Modern but still retains that Chinese restaurant feel.

Cleanliness: Very decent. Not exceptionally clean but no cockroaches.

The Service
: The food was fast. We were able to eat 12 minutes after ordering.

Customer Service: They need help with this. I’m not sure if the waiters lack training on how to personalize the service or is it just the fact that they were busy with all the orders. They were accommodating though.

The Verdict 

3 STARS out of 5!

Good food. A place to dine with the family. A taste of the familiar for a price that’s reasonable.

They’re located at Greenbelt 5 in Makati City.


I saw this new café in IT Park, Lahug the other day. It’s called Hebrews and I thought to check it out.

The Coffee

What I ordered? I’m a coffee junkie so I did order my usual Café Americano. They also offer meals like pasta and breakfast.

Taste: For its price, the coffee was surprisingly good. It was aromatic and full bodied without being bitter.

 Presentation: White mug. Black coffee.

Price: I forgot but it was I think around 65PHP. Not bad right!

The Place

The ambience: The place reminded me of a café in Ayala Terraces. The walls are painted white. The chairs and tables are all white. There were accents of orange. The ambiance is really cute. Not inviting though. It’s bordering clinical.

 They offer free WiFi which is good but at that time it was down. I’m not sure if this happens a lot. I can connect to their network but what good would that be if their modem can’t connect to the net. Useless! I suggest you try their connection first before you order.

Cleanliness: The place is all white ergo I kinda have the impression that it was clean.

The Service
My Americano was ready within 5 minutes.

Customer Service: Although their WiFi wasn’t working, the staff did try to help me out.

The Verdict 

3 STARS out of 5!

I would have given them a 4 if not for the WiFi problem.

Hebrews is located at Skyrise 3 in Asiatown IT Park in Cebu. Their right beside Tara’s Café.

Cebu’s Newest Mall


December 27, 2009. I got a text today from my best friend to meet him at Larsians at 6:30 pm. We always do this every Sunday. This is sort of our weekend habit more so that it has become sort of a tradition. It’s our time to catch up with each other over barbecue and siomai.

Tonight was different. Instead of the usual Larsians, Rey decided to check out the new Robinson’s Cybergate Mall near the Fuente Circle.  I was surprised with the place. It looks like a hotel or a corporate building on the outside. Not the usual box you would expect from a mall. It’s lofty and the air-conditioning is very good. The interior is very sleek and ultra-modern. I particularly like their restrooms. Everything is operated by sensors (even the soap dispenser). I love the full length mirror! Every comfort room in the country should have one!tumblr_kvimkopPfe1qan7qv.jpg

I was excited to see a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf outlet at the ground floor. Thank God! At least I don’t have to go to SM, Ayala or IT Park to get my favorite Vanilla Ice-Blended. I noticed though that they don’t have boutiques. The shops were mostly restos, drugstores and tech stores. The mall houses one of the biggest CDR-King shops I’ve seen and since nobody knows of its existence, there were no lines yet!

All in all, the mall is a nice alternative to the bigger malls in the city. Check out the mall! Cebu is really growing… another mall in its repertoire.