Kainan Sa Balanghay


My cousin Gene and I wanted to hang out together so we planned to meet at SM Mall of Asia. My aunt got word so she decided to bring herself and the family along. We ate in Kainan sa Balanghay at the San Miguel Strip by the Bay. We had a feast for a budget!

What is it all about? Kainan sa Balanghay is a place where you can just bring raw meat or seafood and have them cook it for you.

The Food

What we ordered? We brought 8 kilos of pork, fish and shrimps. We had them cook Sinigang Pork, Grilled Liempo, Garlic Shrimp, Spicy Shrimp, Calamares, Adobong Pusit, Grilled Fish and Sweet & Sour Fish.

Taste: Everything was scrumptious. It was like eating at your neighbor during Fiesta time in the barrio. I just wished the Sinigang was a bit more sour and the Calamares more crispy.

Presentation: Food is served in a straight-forward manner. No frills. Out from the pan and onto the plates just like when you’re at home.

Price: We had them cook 8 kilos of ingredients. That was easily more than 10 dishes. We also ordered 3 platters of cooked rice and 3 liters of soft drinks. We only paid 2000PHP! Talk about cheap (in a good way).

The Place

The Ambience: The place is mainly for eating. Don’t expect to have a romantic date here. This is more of a barkada and family place. They have a live band playing pop and modern music.

Cleanliness: The place is okay although I saw some empty bottles of soft drinks inside their eating area. Somebody could have kept these in a storage space or something.

The Service
: OMG! We waited forever for us to eat. I suggest go there when there aren’t too many people. They’re jam packed every weekend so eaters beware!

Customer Service: The waiters are very friendly. They were all willing to help. There was even one who volunteered to take our pictures (wow. pro-active).

The Verdict 

3 STARS out of 5!

Eating decent, yummy and cheap food is within reach at the Mall of Asia. I would suggest trying this place out with your family during times when you want to pig out for no apparent reason. Just make sure you’re willing to go to the market beforehand.

Kainan sa Balanghay is located at the San Miguel Strip at the Mall of Asia in Pasay City.


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