Cebu’s Newest Mall


December 27, 2009. I got a text today from my best friend to meet him at Larsians at 6:30 pm. We always do this every Sunday. This is sort of our weekend habit more so that it has become sort of a tradition. It’s our time to catch up with each other over barbecue and siomai.

Tonight was different. Instead of the usual Larsians, Rey decided to check out the new Robinson’s Cybergate Mall near the Fuente Circle.  I was surprised with the place. It looks like a hotel or a corporate building on the outside. Not the usual box you would expect from a mall. It’s lofty and the air-conditioning is very good. The interior is very sleek and ultra-modern. I particularly like their restrooms. Everything is operated by sensors (even the soap dispenser). I love the full length mirror! Every comfort room in the country should have one!tumblr_kvimkopPfe1qan7qv.jpg

I was excited to see a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf outlet at the ground floor. Thank God! At least I don’t have to go to SM, Ayala or IT Park to get my favorite Vanilla Ice-Blended. I noticed though that they don’t have boutiques. The shops were mostly restos, drugstores and tech stores. The mall houses one of the biggest CDR-King shops I’ve seen and since nobody knows of its existence, there were no lines yet!

All in all, the mall is a nice alternative to the bigger malls in the city. Check out the mall! Cebu is really growing… another mall in its repertoire.


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  1. Really nice stuff here, I have followed your blog from one of my favorite sites. I agree with you and I will be bookmarking your site.

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