Big Buddha

It was our first day of our training in Makati. Jessica and I decided to look for food after some well-deserved rest. We tried to check what we can find at Greenbelt 5. We stumbled upon a Big Buddha!

What is it all about? Big Buddha is a Chinese restaurant.

The Food

What I ordered? Golden Shanghai Chicken.

Taste: The chicken was hot when they served it which was nice. The sweet and sour sauce is yummy although it tends to be very stick after it has cooled.

Presentation: Food is basically served on white plates. Nothing fancy but the colors of the food pop.

Price: The Golden Shanghai Chicken is 228PHP but can be shared by 2-3 people. Plain rice is at 20PHP per serving.

The Place

The Ambience: Modern but still retains that Chinese restaurant feel.

Cleanliness: Very decent. Not exceptionally clean but no cockroaches.

The Service
: The food was fast. We were able to eat 12 minutes after ordering.

Customer Service: They need help with this. I’m not sure if the waiters lack training on how to personalize the service or is it just the fact that they were busy with all the orders. They were accommodating though.

The Verdict 

3 STARS out of 5!

Good food. A place to dine with the family. A taste of the familiar for a price that’s reasonable.

They’re located at Greenbelt 5 in Makati City.


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