Heaven and Eggs

This weekend me and the rest of the Cebu training team decided to meet up with Charisse for lunch in Glorietta. Cha recommended this place interestingly called Heaven and Eggs.

Heaven and Eggs

The Food

Salt and Pepper Pork


Rock You Like A Hurricane

US Angus Beef Tapa

Manila Spareribs

What we ordered?

Taste: I ordered the Salt and Pepper Pork Ribs. The description on the menu says it’s encrusted in a shell of salt and pepper but the shell isn’t that crusty. It’s a bit ordinary but the meat is soft and it melts in your mouth so at least there is one thing that’s good about it.

I also got a taste of the Rock You Like A Hurricane and I might say this is tasty. The beef is done medium rare. The meat is juicy and the two mini eggs on top is a cute touch.

Presentation: Food is presented intelligently. The colors of the food against the whiteness of the plates make it pop. The names of the dishes are so clever! Names like Rockstar Iced Tea, Bono’s Breakfast Banger, The Morning After and Girl’s Gone Wild.

Price: Rock You Like A Hurricane: 349PHP; Salt and Pepper Pork: 255PHP; U.S. Angus Tapa: 295PHP; Manila Spareribs: 265PHP

The Place

Black and Red Chairs

Black Couch

The Ambience:

The rock and roll feel of the place makes this a very fun place. It looks like Tommy Lee Jones’ pad. I particularly like their black, white and red theme. The black couches are so cute.

Cleanliness: The counter is a bit shabby but I guess it’s clean since it’s in Glorietta.  

The Service
The food arrived timely. Give or take it was 20 minutes.

Customer Service: The waiters were able to help us out choosing what we should order. They were pretty much knowledgeable on what’s on the menu. It’s a shame though that they lack attentiveness. Every time we need something, we had to call their attention twice or thrice. 

The Verdict 

3 STARS out of 5!

The food is a bit pricey for this Cebuano. For this price range, I had better.

 Heaven and Eggs is located at the ground floor of Glorietta 4 in Ayala Center, Makati City.


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