Spice Fusion

It was a Sunday! It was already 3 pm and I haven’t eaten anything yet since yesterday. I decided I go to the North Wing and check out what I can devour. I had this craving for some Asian. Hmmm… and it had been a long time since I had some curry. So… 

Problem: Hunger


What is it all about?
Spice Fusion mainly offers Malay and Singaporean cuisine…

What I ordered?

Satay with Peanut Sauce and Roti with Curry sauce!

The Food:

Taste: The satay was ok. It wasn’t something that is out of the ordinary but wait till you dip it in the peanut sauce. Wow! The peanut sauce totally defined the dish. I was like ” Can I just get a bowl of this stuff?” The peanut sauce is worth the whole meal itself! Now, what about the Roti? Well, their Roti has always been a fave of mine since college. Soft and not that oily. A perfect alternative to rice. The curry sauce was just ordinary. Nothing special about it but it was worth the price.

Presentation: The food looks nice against the simplicity of white plates although it doesn’t have the WOW factor!

Price: The Satay is 150 PHP and the Roti with the Curry sauce is 90 PHP! Not bad, ei! And the serving is good for two (although I managed to eat everything by myself).

The Place

The ambience: It’s very sleek and modern. White walls and sturdy furniture in brown and off-white. Very modern!

Cleanliness: The place was clean although the floor needed mopping at that time. And the wash area, it needed some bleach or muriatic acid. hehe… and they have shared rest rooms for males and females.
The Service
Efficiency: My food was served after around 15 minutes. That was good!
Customer Service: It wouldn’t hurt for the waiters to smile. They were able to do everything i asked but they lack pro-activeness. When i stepped in, I had to ask for the menu! Tsk! Tsk!
The Verdict:
3 STARS out of 5!
Spice Fusion is an okay place to be if you want a taste of Singapore and Malay cuisine. The Roti is a must try! Spice Fusion Is located at the 1st level of the SM North Wing, Cebu City.

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