I saw this new café in IT Park, Lahug the other day. It’s called Hebrews and I thought to check it out.

The Coffee

What I ordered? I’m a coffee junkie so I did order my usual Café Americano. They also offer meals like pasta and breakfast.

Taste: For its price, the coffee was surprisingly good. It was aromatic and full bodied without being bitter.

 Presentation: White mug. Black coffee.

Price: I forgot but it was I think around 65PHP. Not bad right!

The Place

The ambience: The place reminded me of a café in Ayala Terraces. The walls are painted white. The chairs and tables are all white. There were accents of orange. The ambiance is really cute. Not inviting though. It’s bordering clinical.

 They offer free WiFi which is good but at that time it was down. I’m not sure if this happens a lot. I can connect to their network but what good would that be if their modem can’t connect to the net. Useless! I suggest you try their connection first before you order.

Cleanliness: The place is all white ergo I kinda have the impression that it was clean.

The Service
My Americano was ready within 5 minutes.

Customer Service: Although their WiFi wasn’t working, the staff did try to help me out.

The Verdict 

3 STARS out of 5!

I would have given them a 4 if not for the WiFi problem.

Hebrews is located at Skyrise 3 in Asiatown IT Park in Cebu. Their right beside Tara’s Café.


One response to “Hebrews

  1. the wifi in Hebrews is really fast. maybe you just got in at the wrong time.

    ey jan, keep this up lang! nice nice!

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