Earle’s Delicatessen

Finally, I was able to try a sandwich from Earles’s Deli! Being assigned here in Makati City for a month and half has its perks and one of those is trying out restos and shops you can’t find in Cebu. One of them is Earle’s Deli. They specialize in hams, sausages, cheeses and a lot of cured meats.   

The Food

Roast Beef Sandwich in Wheat Bread

Ham Heaven

What I ordered?

Roast Beef Sandwich and Maple Iced Tea.

Taste: The sandwich is very hearty. They definitely didn’t skimp on ingredients. Every bite is generous in beef, cucumbers, tomatoes and cheese. I appreciate the Aoli dressing and amount of pepper they put in my sandwich. Very, very tasty. You can choose your sandwich in wheat bread or French bread.

Presentation: Very straight forward. The sandwich is served in a red plastic basket lined with parchment.

Price: I paid 137PHP for the sandwich and 18PHP for the drink. They have sandwiches for as low as 66PHP. Sausages run for less than 50 bucks! You can also buy their meats and cheeses per 100 grams to take home.

The Place

Earle's Deli

The ambience: This is not a place for fine dining. It is what you would expect of a deli. Some chairs and tables. That’s it! You go here for the food not the ambiance.

Cleanliness: Very clean.  

The Service
Food was served in less than 10 minutes. That was a plus since I took my lunch at already 3pm in the afternoon.

Customer Service: The lady in the counter was smiles. Need I say more?

The Verdict 

4 STARS out of 5!

This is a nice alternative to the usual burger and fastfood.

Earle’s Deli is located at Legaspi Street in the Business district of Makati. It’s near Greenbelt 1.


One response to “Earle’s Delicatessen

  1. I’m glad that you had a good time dining in Earle’s Deli..

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