Alberto’s Pizza

Hey! Food critique time again! This time let’s talk about PIZZA! Alberto’s Pizza that is…

Alberto’s is not foreign to Cebuanos. Ever since it opened in 2008, bisdaks just can’t get enough of this yummy stuff. They practically started this whole pizza craze. Now almost every corner there is a pizza place. Personally, my week isn’t complete without ordering my fave garden fresh or Hawaiian pizza. It’s so cheap and convenient. A 9’inch pizza is just 75PHP and its free delivery!!! What is it all about?

Alberto’s is founded by a group of friends. They started in a small outlet in front of Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center. They offer pizzas with a lot of toppings but with a very friendly price. Now, they have a dozen branches across Cebu.

What I ordered?

Hawaian Pizza and Garden Fresh Pizza

The Food
Taste: The crust on both was perfect. It’s thin but not to thin. You can still get crunch out of it. The toppings are generous. The Hawaiian needed more pineapple but still tasty nonetheless. The Garden Fresh is just right. It didn’t even taste like it’s a vegetarian pizza!
Presentation: The packaging need some help since it’s just a white box with the name Alberto’s but the jewel inside is a sight to behold. The colors of the peppers and the tomatoes contrast well against the golden yellow color of the cheese. Very mouth watering!
Price: For 75 bucks, I don’t think anybody can beat this!
The Place
The ambience: I won’t comment since I ordered the pizza and pigged out at home.

Cleanliness: This improved after the whole food poisoning fiasco last year. The business was able to get a permit and all is well.
The Service
Efficiency: My food arrived 20 minutes after I ordered. That’s speedy! And they call you when the pizza boy is on its way. Now, that’s proper customer service! Setting expectations!
The Verdict:
5 STARS out of 5!
Alberto’s is one of those rare things in life that you treasure because it doesn’t cost much yet you feel you get more than what you really pay for. If you want gourmet pizza without having to pay 500PHP a box, then Alberto’s is a must try. I definitely recommend it. I would even risk food poisoning and being rushed to CCMC! Hehe!

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